High Gloss Furniture - The Latest Fashion Trend In Contemporary Homes

High gloss furniture has increased in popularity since the high gloss finish was first introduced to kitchen cabinets by the top European design houses. High gloss is becoming an ever more popular finish, featured in every room from kitchens to bathrooms, living spaces to entrance halls. It can serve many different design functions and is increasingly used to create a simple, modern, elegant and stylish statement, particularly suited to contemporary design schemes. It is one of this year's biggest design trends and, given the perennial popularity of the high gloss kitchen, its popularity in other rooms looks set to continue into the future.

Create A Focal Point With A White Gloss TV Unit

White high gloss TV units can be used to create an impressive focal point in any living room. They can be used with similar pieces to create a contemporary, modern living space in a minimalist style or they can be combined with, for example, metal and hard wood pieces to create a more dramatic and 'edgy' effect. High gloss furniture is also an excellent choice for smaller rooms because it can have a similar effect to mirrors or glass. A high gloss surface reflects light, helping to create the illusion of a wider space, brightening the room and changing its look. The modern white gloss TV unit is much more robust than it might at first appear. Its high gloss panels are very resistant and long lasting. A high white gloss TV unit will commonly also be designed to house not only the TV, but also modern media packages such as a Sky box, Blu-Ray, and/or DVD player with accessible shelving, cables holes in the rear and concealed drawers. With smooth, rounded corners and versions which might include contrasting glass tops or hard wood elements, they can be suitable for a more traditional as well a modern contemporary space.

Develop The Look With A White Gloss Coffee Table

Having decided on your choice of a TV unit, why not develop the look further with a white gloss coffee table to match? The TV unit creates a strong focal point, and any sofa in the room may dominate due to its sheer size. However, it is the coffee table that helps make the living room work in a practical sense, whether that’s as a place to rest your magazines or books, your remote controls, your coffee cups or wine glasses; or simply as a footstool. No longer is the coffee table just a rectangle with legs. Modern white high gloss coffee tables have been designed to combine stunning looks with everyday practicality. They have rounded corners and edges and, like the TV units, can include contrasting glass tops or hard wood elements. They have also been designed to be more functional. For example, a white gloss coffee table with storage such as handy concealed drawers offering extra space is not unusual. To develop a co-ordinated modern contemporary look, why not consider buying matching white gloss furniture sets with the same design in both coffee table and TV unit to bring your living room décor together? With the increase in modern open-plan rooms, you could also get matching white gloss dining room furniture.

Complete Your Design With A Matching White Gloss Sideboard

No longer just a cupboard where the 'best' crockery was stored, the sideboard has evolved to occupy a more prominent role in the dining room or now, increasingly commonly, in the living room. A cool, contemporary white gloss sideboard in any much-used living space can provide you with much needed extra storage in a co-ordinated and stylish way. They are available in various useful options, such as with drawers only, with cupboards only or with a combination of both. What’s more, high gloss sideboards also include one or more open compartments to let you display your treasured items without worrying about them being knocked over. Displaying the clean lines, distinctive accents and unique tones you would expect from contemporary furniture, there is a white hi gloss sideboard perfect for every modern living space. Far from the older 'boxy' look of earlier designs, these sideboards stand on recessed plinths and feature curved or rounded corners and edges. Again, the look can be complemented by including contrasting glass or chrome to highlight the sideboard's elegant lines. Further, you can create a stylish, consistent look to your modern living space by matching your sideboard to your TV unit, coffee table or dining furniture.

Extend The Contemporary Style With White Gloss Bedroom Furniture

The contemporary high gloss look isn't just available for living rooms and dining rooms, though. You can extend this style to bedrooms as well with modern white high gloss bedroom furniture. A wide range of chests of drawers, cabinets and bedside tables are available in white gloss bedroom furniture ranges. The chests of drawers are commonly available in a range of heights, with different numbers of drawers and different widths to fit into practically any space, whatever the dimensions of your bedroom. They allow you to store away clutter and let you create a clean, contemporary, elegant and stylish modern bedroom space to relax in. Just like the living- and dining room furniture, gloss bedroom furniture sets feature curved or rounded corners and edges and can have contrasting glass or chrome features to emphasise their clean, contemporary lines. High gloss furniture is available from an increasing range of outlets from high street stores to a plethora of online sites. How can you be sure, though, especially when ordering online, that the furniture is of high quality with excellent service back up? Easy: source your furniture from a company that specialises in this field and manages the process from production to delivery. MODE Designs is just such a firm.

Buy Excellent Quality High Gloss Furniture From MODE Designs

At MODE Designs, we specialise in supplying only quality high gloss furniture. Our designs are unique to the UK and because we manage the whole process, we can keep you informed at every step. This also means we can offer you our products at the best possible prices. View and purchase our products and ranges at http://www.modedesigns.co.uk/ or via our social media feeds, where we showcase our latest collections and run monthly competitions. Please feel free to ‘contact us' via the online form or alternatively, email us at enquiries@modedesigns.co.uk. We look forward to hearing from you!

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