Why Shop With Us?

    We started MODE back in 2012 after struggling to find quality and unique gloss furniture suppliers.

    So we decided to go 'straight to the source', skipping out the middle man, with the aim of sourcing high quality modern designs, unique to the UK with a reliable delivery service which doesn't damage items and meets customers requirements. We would manage everything from production, inventory and delivery so we can keep customers informed at every step and never disappoint a customer ever again by advising them the item they've just bought is out of stock because the supplier isn't holding it at the moment.

    We don't drop-ship other peoples items, deal with any middle men and specialise 100% in high gloss furniture.

    6 Reasons why you can't beat MODE (in no particular order)


    Experience and Focus

    We only sell high gloss furniture. That allows us to focus 100% on creating beautiful designs which are built to last and are of the highest quality.


    Unique Designs

    ll our designs are unique to the UK, so you can create a distinctive and personal modern living space with the latest in contemporary design.


    Added Quality

    Unlike other suppliers, each piece goes through a lengthy 5 step process of sanding, priming, sanding, painting, sanding, painting, more sanding and a final coat of premium high gloss paint to achieve and consistent and reliable finish.



    Because you're buying straight from the source you get wholesale value. We don't deal with middle men, distributors or have expensive showrooms, so we can pass those savings onto you.



    There's nothing worse than receiving your eagerly anticipated furniture and finding damage - that's why we're one of the first UK retailers to use honeycomb packaging for extra protection to ensure your furniture doesn't get damaged in transit.



    So you can feel the quality of our finish, you can request a FREE sample which shows our gloss finish in all our unique colours: Arctic White, Silk Grey, Champagne Taupe and Jet Black.

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