White Gloss Coffee Table - Add Effortless Style To Your Living Room

    White gloss coffee table: much admired, this piece of furniture will add a touch of modern, stylish design to your living room, without doubt. Its reflective surfaces will act in a similar way to a mirror, reflecting light around the room to make your living room seem brighter and more spacious. This type of coffee table is truly versatile. You can combine it with other pieces of high gloss furniture to fully embrace a contemporary design theme. You could equally combine it with elements of two or three other design styles, such as 'industrial', 'Scandinavian', 'retro' or 'shabby chic', to produce a trendy, eclectic mix.

    Combine Your Coffee Table With Matching High Gloss Furniture

    The humble coffee table has its origins in the late Victorian era. There are two sources of inspiration which are thought to have influenced its development. It may have been created at first to replace tea tables and trolleys, which had fallen out of favour. These early versions were still as tall as dining tables, though. The long, low coffee table of today probably owes more to the tea tables that were used in Japanese dining, which was popularised in Britain in the late 19th century when the Anglo-Japanese style was fashionable. During the early 20th century, the coffee table became much more popular and its inclusion in living room designs is so commonplace that it is often noticed more when it is not there. Without one, where would you put drinks, remote controls and snacks - or even your feet - when watching TV after a long day? They are now ubiquitous, and come in all sizes, styles and finishes. One that is increasingly popular in living rooms is the high gloss coffee table white or other neutral colour. Sleek with clean lines, this stylish piece of furniture matches in well with nearly any existing décor. Alternatively, it can be combined with other furniture from a gloss furniture range. Look out, though, for promises of quality and durability when buying: this is a much-used piece of furniture, so you want your coffee table white gloss furniture finish to be undamaged for as long as possible! Cheaper versions may not stand the test of time.

    Choose A High Gloss White Coffee Table With Drawers To Increase Your Storage

    So a living room coffee table is just a low wooden square table with four legs that stands in the living room, right? Wrong! Modern coffee tables are more than a simple wooden table top. To maximise the storage solutions in your living room, coffee tables are available with inbuilt storage so, for instance, you can choose a high gloss white coffee table with drawers built in between the table top and the base. Imaginative uses have been made of the space beneath the table top, from a simple shelf used as extra display space to hidden stands giving the appearance of a floating top; two or more drawers; or magazine racks. There’s plenty of choice when it comes to white high gloss coffee tables with storage options built in. These products are designed to look more stylish and contemporary by being more than just plain white tables. Accent colours are used to highlight the design details. For example, black glass tops might be used to contrast with an otherwise white gloss coffee table or other accessories like feature handles, which might be recessed, chrome or glass. To enhance their elegant lines, the best of these furniture items also feature bevelled, curved or rounded or edges. These curves and the use of black tempered glass could also be seen as safety features in a piece of furniture which most people have bumped into at least once. Unique and stylish high gloss coffee tables demonstrating stunning design details and offering everyday practicality are available to buy from MODE Designs.

    Buy Your Modern And Stylish White Gloss Coffee Table From MODE Designs

    At MODE Designs, we have a carefully designed and unique white gloss coffee table range for sale at the best prices and with fast shipping. Since we control our entire supply and shipping chain, we are confident our high gloss furniture is of the highest quality and keenly priced. See our social media pages where we showcase our latest collections and run monthly competitions, or shop for our coffee tables and other furniture sets online at http://www.modedesigns.co.uk/. Have a query? Feel free to 'contact us' via the online form or email us at enquiries@modedesigns.co.uk today.

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