White Gloss Sideboard Will Enhance Your Existing Decor

    White gloss sideboard will add a trendy, modern and contemporary feel to any room, be it a dining room, living room, open plan living space or hallway. Although a relatively recent innovation, these sideboards, along with other high gloss furniture products like coffee tables, TV units, dining room sets, bedroom furniture and cabinet units, have and continue to become increasingly popular. The high gloss finish was originally introduced on kitchens cupboard doors and drawers a number of years ago by top UK and European design houses. However, its sleek finish quickly became popular and moved over into other types of furniture.

    Is High Gloss Furniture Difficult To Maintain?

    The answer is that it should not be. Quality white high gloss sideboards are durable, scratch resistant and easily maintained. However, in part, it depends on where you buy your furniture from and what you look out for. It’s for sale in high street retailers, both pre-made and in flat packs, and you can also browse online for these products. Remember, though, that a cheap white gloss sideboard and white gloss TV unit will most likely be manufactured from MDF and have a single coat of white gloss to recreate the look. A better quality unit will be made from engineered wood and have multiple coats of enduring polyurethane high gloss paint. This will make the furniture and finish scratch resistant, hard-wearing and durable. Ready assembled furniture is more likely to have a sleek look, as the fixings on these products will often be better hidden. Also look out for another modern innovation sometimes included on a quality white gloss sideboard. If your furniture piece is to have cabinet doors and drawers, see that they are 'soft close', meaning that they do not slam shut, but rather gently glide closed. A range of other options are available to enhance the look of your sideboard; for example glass tops, often in a contrasting colour. In quality products, these will be tempered glass for safety. You might also want bright chrome or glass handles, recessed handles or even no handles at all to enhance the cupboard door or drawer fronts on your sideboard. Further design features to look out for include rounded or bevelled edges.

    Where Does The White Hi Gloss Sideboard Come From?

    Sideboards have a long history, originating in the 18th Century. Before this, people in large houses used serving tables placed against the wall in the dining room to stack all the eating and drinking utensils on and serve the food from. In around 1760, the famed architect Robert Adam stood a cupboard at each end of the table for storage and put storage boxes on top of these to store silver cutlery, bottles of wine, and so on. It wasn't long before furniture designers such as Thomas Chippendale and Hepplewhite decided to combine the cupboards and table into one piece of furniture, adding more cupboards and drawers and producing the 'sideboard' we know and love today. Sideboards gained in popularity in the 19th Century as more people became rich enough to have a separate 'dining room'. The modern white hi gloss sideboard retains many of the original design principles such as the flat top, a number of cupboards and drawers and an open space under the top to display treasured items. However it has a much sleeker, modern, contemporary look, having lost many of the 18th and 19th Century embellishments. It is now a valued storage cabinet used to store away clutter and provide a display surface; and is just as frequently found in the living room as in the dining room. There are many high gloss white sideboard UK based suppliers available, but to be sure of getting a high quality sideboard in a design unique within the UK, come to MODE Designs.

    MODE Designs Supplies A Quality White Gloss Sideboard At A Reasonable Price

    Here at MODE Designs, we control all aspects of production, inventory and delivery ourselves to ensure we sell and you receive the best quality high gloss furniture at the best possible prices. Our white gloss sideboard range offers the perfect storage solution with distinctive accents, clean lines and tones unique to us. Browse our ranges and purchase our sideboards and other furniture with confidence at http://www.modedesigns.co.uk/. If you have any questions or would like to see a sample of our finishes, 'contact us' via the online form or email us at enquiries@modedesigns.co.uk. We’re always happy to help.

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