White Gloss TV Unit - Why Buy One?

    White gloss TV unit: are you considering buying something like this for your TV and all the related entertainment paraphernalia, such as your Sky box, Blu-Ray or games console? There are many reasons to buy this piece of contemporary high gloss furniture. Not only will it give you a stylish and discreet way to hide the multitude of wires and cables, it will also create a modern, contemporary focal point for your busy living room. This fashionable style of furniture has been becoming even trendier over recent years, and its popularity looks set to continue with this year's chic, monochrome design.

    Will High Gloss Furniture Fit In To My Existing Decor?

    Basically yes! You can buy a white hi gloss TV unit to enhance your living room's décor, no matter what colour or style the room is at the moment. For example, if your room has a brightly painted or boldly wallpapered feature wall and a wood floor or dark furniture then a high white gloss TV unit and white gloss sideboard will create a stylish, modern focal point. It will add a touch of contemporary elegance that will enhance the appearance of your living room. Furthermore, it will embrace this year's UK living room trends, where designers and home-owners create a living room which is a fusion of two or three unlikely individual styles to produce an eclectic mix. For example, it’s ‘in’ to combine both modern and shabby chic styles; or mixing old and reclaimed items with modern elements, and then including elements of industrial or Scandinavian styling and adding organic design elements. It would also fit into another current trend for the living room colour palette, where the walls and textiles are light hues of pink or elegant shades of blue. Essentially, whatever type of décor you have or are planning, this style of white gloss TV unit will fit in perfectly and look great. You can, of course, go the whole nine yards, embrace the modern contemporary look and opt for entirely matching high gloss furniture sets. A wish-list might include products such as a matching TV unit, coffee table, sideboard and storage cabinet with muted colours or strong accent colours as part of a stylish and/or minimalist design.

    What are The Differences Between The Various White High Gloss TV Units Available?

    There are white high gloss TV units available in a variety of different styles and designs and to suit all budgets. Whether you have a large, medium-sized or small room, there will be an ideally sized TV unit for you. You should choose a stand that is longer than the TV you want to stand on it. When measuring up, remember the TV screen size quoted is measured diagonally not horizontally; for example a 42 inch TV may only be 38 inches (96.5 cm) long. You should also decide on the design you favour. Do you want a simple stand, or do you want one which has some storage such as shelves, cabinets (with or without doors), or drawers built in so you can store other items? Do you want a plain white unit or one with accent colour panels or a black glass top? Should the corners and edges be square or curved and rounded? TV units are available from a simple TV stand up to a large combined white high gloss TV stand unit cabinet and all options in between. It’s worth bearing in mind that a TV stand should have sufficient ventilation for the TV and the other entertainment systems that go with it, and holes at the rear to get the multiple cables in and out. Many high street retailers sell these TV units, but to save money and have a wider range to choose from, it’s beneficial to browse online for the best product. MODE Designs build and have for sale a range of high quality TV units.

    Buy Your Quality White Gloss TV Unit Direct From MODE Designs

    Here at MODE Designs, we produce and supply quality high gloss furniture, including the ever-popular white gloss TV unit. Rather than lacquer-covered MDF, our furniture is made from engineered wood, primed, sanded and painted in a five-step process which gives a quality polyurethane high gloss paint finish for strength and durability. We control our whole supply chain to keep prices low and quality high. Browse through our range at http://www.modedesigns.co.uk/ today. Please do ‘contact us' via the online form or email us at enquiries@modedesigns.co.uk if you’d like a free sample, which will show you first-hand the quality of our gloss finish.

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